Counseling and Coaching


What makes Lighthouse’s counseling and consulting unique is our belief that God has given us biblical principles for successful living. You certainly don’t have to be “religious” to benefit from Lighthouse’s services. Many people prefer the confidentiality of an outside counselor. Larry Wilson, Lighthouse Ministries’ director and counselor, helps individuals, couples, and families develop internal strength along with life and relationship skills. Schedule an appointment with Larry Wilson at (919) 469-2477.

Lighthouse Ministries’ counseling services are operated on a contribution basis. Our desire is that finances not be an obstacle in people receiving help. Your donations fuel the ministry and are tax deductible. To learn about our fee schedule, visit the “About” page and read the  section called “Fees.” For information about donating to Lighthouse, please visit the “Donate” page.


Larry and Debbie offer coaching to help people in personal development, communication skills, and healthy relationships. Learn how to deal with difficult people, understand your personality type, manage your emotions, recognize your spiritual gifts, and take control of your choices.